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Moving Picture Tributes

DVDs for your Triumphs, Tributes, and Treasured Memories

Your own photographs in a moving picture show:
 a memorial and tribute to the friends you treasure most of all

Moving picture tributes is taking a break.

However, if you’d really like to have a moving picture tribute created for your pet, you can contact me by emailing

movingpicture “at” 

Do you treasure your pet?

Folks who love their pets often have lots of photographs ... your new kitten sleeping in the laundry basket, your puppy chewing a bone under the table, or your senior cat spending quality time in your lap.

You can have those photos transformed into a tribute or memorial that's as unique as your pet. A show that includes music, captions or narration.

Whether you have suffered the loss of a pet, have a friend who is grieving the loss of a furry companion, or simply want a special gift for yourself, a moving picture show is a very special remembrance.

Created just for you, a moving picture tribute is a unique way to reminisce, celebrate, and delight in the precious moments you've captured in pictures of your pet.

  • Share it with friends and family.
  • Keep it as a permanent remembrance.
  • Play it on your TV using any DVD player.

All of the pictures in my moving picture tributes come from photographs—still photos—just like the ones you have in a photo album or a shoe box or a drawer.

How is it done?

To make a moving picture DVD, I select the best photos. Then I put a soundtrack in the background so there will be some music throughout the show.

I might add narration to some of the pictures – that’s my voice with comments, quotes, or explanations. Or, it could be your voice! And I’ll add captions to some photos if they add to the show.

Then I add movement—pans, zooms, transitions—special effects that make your photographs come alive.

Why not give it a try?

A moving picture show for your pet is a real treasure – we watch ours over and over. And it’s especially meaningful for someone who is particularly attached to their pet, or who has suffered the loss of a pet.

It’s a delight and a comfort to be able to sit back in your own living room and watch on your own TV the best, silliest, or most precious moments that you have photographed with your best friend, whether it be a cat, dog, puppy, kitten or other.

Additional copies of the DVD make a touching and unique gift for friends and family who love your pet too. You’ve already captured these great moments in photographs; why not give a moving picture DVD a try?

You probably already have lots of photographs. You can have some of them put together into your own moving picture DVD.

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